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This has been spray painted near the theater where CHAIN REACTION is rehearsing.  It feels like Brooklyn is supporting us!

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Coming to you in Cinemascope…

We’ve been rehearsing the scene of the Trinity Test on July 16, 1945.  This is footage of a later atomic bomb detonation, filmed in 35mm wide-angle color.  This is what I imagine Trinity looked like from 20 miles out.  I’m watching it on a MacBook and I’m awestruck.  What must it have been like to see this, for the first time ever…to know you had created this?  

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Postcards are in and lookin’ sweet!

Postcards are in and lookin’ sweet!

Tickets on Sale!

In one hour tickets for Playsmiths’ CHAIN REACTION by Jonathan Alexandratos and PROPHET IN PINK by Nick Robideau go on sale.  Want to learn how to purchase them?  Click here: